Sunday, 21 April 2013

Turn Again

A photo today of a gorgeous artefact which has been dwelling here in the town where I live without me  ever knowing about it. It's so surprising (not to mention pleasing) to me sometimes when things crop up when they are good and ready! This is Elizabethan, no less, and I half wonder why treasures like this don't get shouted about and advertised properly. 

I am also posting it here in honour of the sunshine we have seen this weekend- that has taken it's own sweet time to crop up too, let me tell you! But seeing as it is wonderful flowers and foliage depicted here I felt it was appropriate for Spring. Fresh laundry has been offered up to the sun at the end of my garden, ice creams have been eaten, thermals have been tentatively removed, and we have stoically ignored the nagging chilly wind. So long as the sun is shining we are uplifted!

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