Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesdays I go to 'Knit & Natter'. It's turning into a really thriving group with a great diversity of women knitters. We have yet to attract a man-knitter, but I am confident that we will in time. I have started some easy knitting so that I can do it when I want to 'Natter', or for when I am tired at home and cannot face getting anything large scale out of its home.

I was also given a lovely little gift by one of our ladies. This is her shop: 
& she gave me a beautiful little set of cable needles. I can't wait to try them when I pick up my difficult knitting again.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as I am travelling to another town by bus to teach some crochet. It is a course I have taught before, so except for refreshing my memory and fine-tuning the concept to my new students it is lovely to know all the preparation is basically done. I am packing my resources and notes into my canvas bag, which is a skills-builder bag I teach on another workshop. I am pleased it is proving so useful!

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