Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Love at First Sip

I took my little trip today on the bus. I haven't needed to use the bus for a while, and I had forgotten the sequence of thoughts that seem to crop up when it is passed due: have I got the time wrong? Have I missed it? Did it drive past me without me noticing? Is it cancelled? How am I going to get there if it never comes? Why is it 90 minutes until the next one...? etc, until: There it is! 

I took the opportunity to have a little look around after my class, and although I did venture into many a charity shop I told myself (as I habitually tell myself) that I was not going to buy anything. Usually I am pretty well disciplined: my house is small, my wool stash is growing, and my fabric stash is huge. This is partly because I both work with fabric and trade in it. And partly, of course, because I am hopelessly, unashamedly and gloriously hooked. 

However, in one of the first shops I went in I spied these beauties and it was love at first sight. I don't even tend to drink tea from posh cups, and I certainly don't have anywhere to keep them, and I knew all this as I took them to the till... but somehow I could not leave my set of four new folky cups in the shop! 

Love at first sight, just like in the picture!

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