Friday, 19 April 2013

Ebb & Flow

Sometimes when I am at a low ebb and things don't seem to be working, I look around at other people, who already appear to have a great big slice of good fortune and success, and wonder why they want more than their already considerable achievements, and how things are working so well for them... and not for me.

Fear not, this is not going to be a long, self-indulgent ramble! Because when this happens (which I assume it does to everyone at times), I check myself and evaluate what I do have and what I have achieved, and am forced to admit I am a very lucky girl. I have health, I have love, I have healthy loved ones, I am valued, I have skills, I have a home, and a cat, I live in a beautiful place, I am my own boss... I have to put a dot-dot-dot because the list is very long and I don't want to get too self-congratulatory on you.

My point is, sometimes days can be a bit crummy, but they can also turn themselves around. Yesterday was one such day: I had completely forgotten that I was destined for a rare night out at a gig, which turned into an excuse to go to Pizza Express, which turned into the chance to support somebody dear to me in visiting their sick relative with them, which all combined to chase away my introspective gloom.

The gig itself was tremendous, and if I can ever work out how to add a 'Musical Moments' tab to my blog I will share a little revue with you.

And if you're having a crummy day, here is a photo I took a couple of years ago on a trip to the coast. I find it a peaceful and calming image, hopefully you will like it too:

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