Monday, 22 April 2013

Cloth Memories

In honour of the spring-like weather, today I dug out this unfinished project.

It is still unfinished, I have to admit, but it now just needs a quick hem whizzed round it, and some interesting buttons on the contrasting panel.

I have a favourite holiday top, or at least I did have until it died after one trip. I can tell you so much about that top: I bought it in Whistles in Covent Garden (I don't even shop there, it was just a coincidence); I took it on this holiday; I wore it on the day that funny thing happened and on the walk to that special place... It's amazing how many memories were wrapped up with just one item of clothing. So, when it died I felt compelled to re-create it.

That was two years ago, and because I haven't been anywhere really hot in that period completing the top just did not seem a priority.

Well, today big strides were taken towards having it ready to wear. Could this signify that it's time for a sunny holiday...?

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