Monday, 15 April 2013

Stitches old and new

This sad sight got my attention today: a sewing machine in a skip. I was half tempted to climb in and haul it out, but the skip was very deep and well sealed behind fences, and there were small children present so I didn't think it would be a great example to set. I stood, captivated, though for quite a while, wondering... what make was it? How old was it? Did it still work? What had it quietly achieved in it's useful life, what dreams and ideas had it converted to reality? I am not a very habitual picture snapper, but I did get a photo of it- after all I could do little else. But I suppose although I couldn't save the machine at least I have tried to give it a little epitaph.

And on a diametrically opposite subject, I learnt this crochet stitch today. I am following instructions to make a jumper, and I'm so happy that I started it as I just love these Art Nouveau-type loops and I can't wait to finish it and wear it. It's an unusual colour choice for me, so I hope I will like the end result! But it's made from linen, so it should be lovely in the summer or with jeans for in-between days.


  1. Oh that poor sewing machine! I would have helped you break in to save it! Guess who ever threw it in there just didn't see the value it might have had.

  2. I would of been there too Debra! And I would of been saying to the Kids "Recycling is cool, but only with an adults help!"
    I get so sad when 'good' things get chucked out. I did a post about hard rubbish recently-
    Lovely Blog!

  3. Thank you Debra, thank you Ali for reading and for your lovely comments