Friday, 26 September 2014

Charting Progress

When coming up with new patterns, after the sample-making comes the writing-up and charting. And that sums up my week in a nutshell!

I love the design process, from the germination of a sketch and noodling around with yarn, through testing and development, creating, explaining it coherently, editing, and eventually publication... Yes, I love it all, except sometimes the tight deadlines!

But although I feel I have achieved a lot this week, I am unable to share any of it with you, because it all remains confidential.

However, there is something exciting which I can share: a pattern I designed has been printed in 'Inside Crochet' Issue 58- published today. It was quite a fun make, based around a Nordic theme. Excitingly, it is even featured on the front cover! This is such a gorgeous issue of Inside Crochet, and I completely want to make everything else that is featured!

This is a snap which I forgot to share last week: my trophies from Hampton Court. I'm going a bit linen-nuts, I think inspired by the crochet trimmed napkin workshop that I ran. My plan is to make a set of mis-matched napkins for at home: they will be lovely in the garden while the weather holds, or will brighten up wintry meals of comforting soups and warming stews. Or, at this rate, I will be lucky if they are ready for next summer! 

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