Friday, 5 September 2014

After the Holidays...

Ah September, the gateway to my favourite season. I love the autumn, and this year it promises to be an exceedingly busy, but ultimately really rewarding few months. 

I am already immersed in a couple of large projects, which will have to remain confidential until they are published, but they are just a small corner of what I will be up to. 

Something I am pleased to share with you is that I will be teaching some workshops at The Handmade Fair on September the 19th, at Hampton Court Palace, no less. The Prima events are sponsored by Laura Ashley, so I have some of their lovely silk dupion for the bow tie workshop, in gorgeous muted unisex shades (watch out chaps-I-know, you may be getting the samples for Christmas!). 

I have also been accruing a range of pretty napkins on which to add crochet trims. No doubt the preparation of individual equipment packs and worksheets for everyone will be a mammoth task (as it always is), but I'm sure it will be worth it. 

Last Sunday I met with my lovely ladies at 'Sewing Rescue', where they all accomplished several tricky samples, including a zip and buttonholes. They were keen to make the zippy pouch, so that's what we will do in the next session at the end of the month- putting their newly acquired knowledge to work! 

My skirt course starts again next Wednesday, which I am looking forward to as it has been such a rewarding one to teach in the past. 

So what with a craft fair, a theatre trip, and no doubt a whole load of other unforseen things happening, and probably a whole bunch of things I have forgotten to mention, September is looking pretty full. And then there is October: Ally Pally, some designs which I really need to finish sampling and put down on paper, another craft fair... it will probably be Christmas before I even know it, but I'm certainly not complaining. 

If you are Canterbury based then do consider going to the Knitting & Crochet social on Saturday, 1st of November from 1-4pm at St Paul's Parish Centre, just opposite the Burgate. It will be £4 entry, to include tea/coffee and cake and a chance to meet some like-minded stitchers for a chat. 

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