Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sparks-Flying-Friday... & Saturday

This week has been all about crochet. I'm working on a big project with an extremely tight deadline, hence I am crocheting like I have never crocheted before, and I can be a pretty intense hooker when I get involved with a project. 

In fact, I have crocheted so much that my hands and wrists ache, and my eyes are feeling the strain. But I have to admit that I have loved every stitch. Part of me really loves the challenge of working to tight schedules- perhaps you never really know what you can achieve until you are tested. 

I had to go for a walk for the sake of my sanity this morning, and I decided to wear the little silk dress that I made a few weeks ago, so I've pictured it here. I'm very pleased with it, and it is really comfortable. Despite being voluminous it is still practical (I'm all about practicality- see my shoes :-) )

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  1. All looks fabulous and very professional. Now onto the next one!