Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Sunday Supplement

No prizes for noticing that I did not blog on Friday! That was of course because I was working at The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court.

Much of the week therefore disappeared into a lot of orange paper bags:

Bow tie pieces were cut, napkins made and sorted, bobbins wound... plus worksheets written, samples finalised, and everything packed into the correct bag. It felt a bit like wrapping up presents at Christmas (which I love), and with everything packing into my newly acquired granny-style trolly I did feel a little like Father Christmas. Pity there was no reindeer to help me out!

Having been awake since 3 (thanks, epic storm), when I finally arrived at the fair at 9:30 I was a little grumpy to find that absolutely everything was outside in the fresh air: portaloos, open-sided marquee for teaching, a little dampness in the air... I did not think it boded well! Despite the obvious sign that all the areas had been referred to as 'tents' I somehow had not been expecting a festival. Judging by the amount of people in heels, I was not the only one. 

The lovely ladies in the Prima tent made me more than welcome, and once I had found my groove I started to have a really great time. Christina, Linda and the rest of the lovelies were rushed off their feet, yet still found time to offer me water (it got pretty hot in those tents).

I was pleased that the chaps were well represented in my classes. 

Newbies to really fine crochet coped so very well!

Everybody loves pretty flowers.

Saturday was spent at the Calico Cat Craft Fair in Hythe. A wonderful day spent with fellow makers, with plenty of shoppers through the door of delightful St Michael's Hall. Plus an order for a shirt, hurrah! Although it may be a while until I can dedicate a few days to that!

I am so lucky: spontaneous gifts often find their way to me, thanks to somebody lovely!

We designated it #cutedogday, as there were such a lot of gorgeous pooches about. These two were up there with my favourites.

Strangely, somebody walked past clutching this gorgeous old painting, of Mermaid Street in Rye. I couldn't tear my eyes away form this little domestic vignette. I felt that it most likely ought to have been behind glass in an art gallery, so to be able to take the painting in my hands and peer at it held close to my face was a really special treat. 

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