Sunday, 28 February 2016

Grateful for Magic Cornish Days Out

Polperro Harbour

Whilst I work pretty intensely on another sort of project (see my other blog if you're curious about where my energies are going just at the moment), there doesn't seem to be a lot of time for designing and making. I am missing my sewing machine- which looks all forlorn under its dust cover- just as I am missing putting my design ideas to the test, and curling up with hooks, needles and yarn. 

Typically, my mind is still active with design ideas... but they'll have to wait just for the moment. 

Thankfully, there was time for a day in Polperro: a beautiful drive, ambling round the tiny streets, watching the river rush through the town, a picnic in the winter sun, exploring the caves, marvelling at cottages built into rock, gazing at the beautiful woods above the town... bliss! There is so much that is enjoyable about Polperro, and so much which seems to be the distilled essence of Cornwall. 

Unfortunately we did not see the Ryder Lifeboat in the harbour, which we had looked forward to. Not only is it a beautiful mini-piece of maritime history, but it was built in Thames Ironworks. Unless you are partner to a dyed-in-the-wool West Ham fan like I am, that probably means nothing, but if you are you will understand the significance. 

Such Pretty Rust!

I am also really grateful for the short trip down to our beloved Charlestown- a wonderful place to be, especially in the early morning. We met up again with this friendly chap: just another of the fortuitous encounters we are blessed with in enchanted Cornwall!

Lucky Black Charlestown Cat


  1. and Polperro - loved! (and Looe) - goodness re-living our time living in England!

    1. Thanks for all your comments Kimberley, it's really nice to engage with you and discover a fellow Cornwall-lover in the process!