Sunday, 14 February 2016

Week in Paradise

This was the view on Tuesday: a rainstorm out to sea. Once again we succumbed to the pull of the shore and headed out to the beach, despite the fact that it was actually pretty cold. We were hoping for interesting debris in the wake of Storm Imogen, but either there was none on this beach, or we were not early enough to find it. 

I was planning to have a jog up and down the beach too (this is my favourite running beach), but the fact that I had just been to the gym, and the freezy temperature both enticed me to stay and consume the hot coffee and picnic thoughtfully brought along in the car instead.

We shared our lunch with some friendly rooks. They might look aggressive, but actually they were pleasant lunch-mates, and highly entertaining. The feeding of seagulls is totally frowned upon here in Cornwall, but these blue-black beauties were very endearing.

The sun did show up for a while this week, and I was grateful to be able to hang my laundry out in the hypnotic Cornish sunlight. I couldn't resist a picture of these beautiful stripy shirts, both from Cornish company Seasalt. I adore stripes, and these tops feel practically like uniform in this part of the world.

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