Saturday, 20 February 2016

Miss Lemon, or what to wear in a Cornwall February

Colours for Spring:

I'm not sure whether it is my penchant for bright-coloured gym stuff seeping into my everyday life, my new found body confidence, or just a hankering for spring (probably a combination), but I have found myself inexplicably drawn to brightly coloured clothing.

As a life-long devotee of indigo-blue, grey, and just a few contrasting accents in my wardrobe, this has surprised me.

Where to buy bright colours:

I was overcome by the urge to go bright when browsing in 'Mistral'; I tried these beauties on, and simply couldn't leave them there. Ok, so I did have to check first with my trusty adviser that I didn't look like a crazy lady, but I just love them! 

I can't find the yellow on their website, but they have other colours, so you can click: Mistral

Seasalt Stripey Sailor Tops:

You may have guessed from my last post that I am a devotee of the Seasalt stripey sailor top. When I saw this cyan colour in their new collection I could not resist! 

I have been teaming it with my Dickies dungarees for a real rustic landgirl-inspired look.  The super-soft organic cotton is a so comfortable. This colour, which they call Poseidon Ecru, manages to  combine being bright with also being completely wearable.

 You can shop for this beautiful T-shirt here: Seasalt if, like me, you can't resist!

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