Monday, 28 July 2014

Out of Sync

Last Friday I wasn't ready to blog, and next Friday seems a long way off, so here is a little pictorial trip through what I have been making: 

I made this dress from grey striped linen, which has been sad and lonely, unused in my fabric stash for a while, and a contrast sort of Scandi-style gingham with red heart embroidery, which I bought in an amazing shop in Bath. They look like they were meant to be together! I'm really pleased as the dress was so easy to wear, and went from the quirky town dress to beach cover-up in one short hop. The lovely lady from here recognised it as hand made and offered her compliments. I will definitely use the pattern again.

This is a skirt made from the exact same pattern that I have used for gore skirts before: 6 gores, plus faced waist. It is unlined, as I want it for summer, and the dark blue protects my modesty. I bought the fabric in London, back when I visited in January. (Also, I love my Menorca shoes!)

This is some knitting which I started probably about a year ago. When the seasons changed I put it away, as it is quite light and cottony, so I did not think I would wear it  much through the winter anyway. I have finally finished all of the pieces, so I just need to assemble it and knit the neckband. I dislike sewing up my knitting, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. I'll write more about the actual knitting on my ravelry page

This top is not newly made, but I have re-discovered it! It was hiding in my box of hand knits and I genuinely had forgotten all about it. I made it last year and wore it once or twice. Now it is due for its first wash... always a nervous moment! I'll wait for another really fine day so it can dry quickly. 

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