Friday, 11 July 2014


Gosh, I've managed to miss three Fridays! Below is a little pictorial resumé of some of the things I have been up to since I last blogged. I have also finished a couple of sewing jobs, which I will hope to get photographed and share with you very soon.

This is a new design called 'Wilderness Flowers'.
This first version was made from raw silk, but I have already made more from different yarns and with different trim options, and even with matching mitts. 

Both for my niece: the 'Darling Bud' baby blanket. Made from chunky yarn this grows pleasingly fast.
The pattern will be coming soon to ravelry.
Plus this gorgeous giraffe, which I did not make, but I did customise with her initial.

Thinking a lot about crochet trims...

More cushions: I bought several cushion pads when I designed the 'Lean on Me', and I also bought a variety of Aran yarns as a bit of an experiment, so it was about time that I got on with the crochet. This top snap is for a round cushion, in Phildar 'Aviso' yarn, which I seem to remember being really quite cheap. The colours are much more pleasing than they appear here, and I am impressed by the quality of the yarn. It is the tiniest bit splitty, but it is very soft and has a lot of body, plus it crochets up nice and evenly.

This bolster is done in Rowan 'All Seasons Cotton', which is actually an acrylic blend (yes, I remember my dismay the first time I ordered some over the net). It is a yarn I have come to like for crochet: I love the palette they make it in, and the depth of colour. It crochets well, and is smooth and comfortable.

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