Monday, 21 July 2014

School's Out!

I spent last week drawing in knowledge from a wonderful tutor, in one of my very favourite areas: pattern cutting. Although I learnt plenty on my degree, I did not learn how to really personalise the fit of a garment. Skirts are fairly straightforward, but for all the reading of books, making of toiles, and peering in mirrors to try to see the back of something like a dress, it is exceedingly difficult to professionally fit something onto yourself. Now, thanks to last week, plus the few days I spent back in January, I have a complete set of personalised blocks, and some really spruced up know-how. 

Thrown in was a bit of a reunion with some marvellous ladies: sparkly-eye Glaswegian Clare, and quietly witty Saranne kept me entertained. There is such a pleasure in going through an intense experience with like-minded souls, especially strong women. It felt like a rite of passage, as we sweltered through London heat-wave days, with no opening windows. 

Sigh: when can go on the next course...?

There is something about a Fashion room:
all those naked dummies seem to suggest endless possibilities

There was no time to recover on Saturday, however, as we were arranging a craft fair. It went well, with plenty of people coming through the door, and only minimal disruption from the rain. I seem to remember that our July fair last year was a popular one too. It is definitely time to re-stock my own stall, which although it means plenty of work, is also a sort of liberating feeling: what will I make this time...?

To top off my week, on Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to attend a Fair Isle workshop. Colourwork in knitting has always terrified me and yet enthralled me, so it was fantastic to feel like I had learnt so much in just making a small sample: I can hold my yarns in separate hands, make corrugated rib, and twist the yarns where there is a long float at the back of the work. And I have come away with the beginnings of a cute beret- I do love a hat! I was dubious about the Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool, as although it is beautiful I suspected it might be uncomfortably scratchy to work with... but actually I love it. But oh dear, another project to fall in love with!

We also learnt icord cast on, which is very pretty indeed