Friday, 1 August 2014

Back in the Friday Groove

Good morning friends! I am greeting you with a little character who I encountered this week- surely everyone loves a Shetland pony...?

Another delight this week included a serene river trip, under endless azure skies. 

I have been meaning to mention this bag for a while: it has become my default day out bag, and even commuted with me on my week in London. Made from beautiful fabric from Mallorca, with a Liberty print lining, and sewn-on leather handles, I was aiming for elegant utility. Sometimes a measure of success is whether a finished object makes you happy, and this bag does just that. Here it is adorned with my scarf, which coordinated surprisingly well. 

Yesterday I started a new knitting project... yes, because I definitely needed one of those! Here is my rationale: I am trying to use up yarns which I have stashed in order to make specific projects. I also wanted a quick fix, and so it made perfect sense to grab something chunky from my stash. This is another summery jumper, which there is no point in waiting until the depths of winter to knit. 
On the left is the brochure photo, and on the right is the start I have made. An added advantage of this pattern is that the body is worked in one piece, with minimal sewing. I was also desperate to try this stitch, which I am sure I have seen called Indian cables in a book. It is fun, but fiddly. 

Below is a little stack of ribbons, which I could not resist purchasing when I stumbled upon them unexpectedly in a cheap shop yesterday. I anticipate that all of my sewing projects will be getting pretty hanging loops for a little while to come! 


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