Thursday, 14 August 2014

Everyday Luxuries

Have you felt autumn creeping into our mornings yet? There is a different quality to the air now, which tells of the seasons changing despite still-sunny days. I don't know whether it is a chill as such, but whatever it is it makes me yearn for crisp fallen leaves and wooly tights. 

A change in seasons is always a chance for a change in thinking, and even if that doesn't mean a radical shift, I find it often leads to at the very least a tidy-up. I discovered that my table did still exist under the piles of paper, and with the timely addition of a sheet of clear pvc-type plastic, I can now use this fantastic hand stitched table cloth without fear of damaging it or ruining it with coffee stains. It really is a work of art, with the most beautiful hand stitching al around the edges, and even a small crocheted trim. 

Now for the rest of the house...

I have found a little time for crafting, but am only allowing myself to go thus far before the tidying mission is complete. Both of these fabrics are from my stash, and until I put them together to photograph them I didn't realise the autumnal orange featured so prominently in both. 

On the left is a wonderful find, a narrow but long length of light fabric I bought from a vintage stall. I just love the illustrative, sketchy rows of print. Shaped and weighted as it is, this fabric is perfect for a circle skirt. Something like this is a quick and satisfying make, and easy to wear yet impressive. I'll team it with sandals and t-shirts now, and boots and woolies in a few weeks. 

On the right, an African wax print that came from a charity shop. It is well washed and very soft, although I do suspect it has served its time as somebody's tablecloth! For me it is a semi-toile (a term which I did indeed just make up), by which I mean I have only made minor modifications to a pattern   which I know fits, so there is a good chance this will turn into a finished dress. However, if something unforseen has gone completely awry then it will be relegated to being a very pretty toile. But that's ok for a tablecloth, right? 

Below is a culinary delight from this week: in my local supermarket I was delighted to find pimentos padron. I have loved eating these on holiday in Spain, for me they are a real taste of a holiday. Hence eating them in the sun in my own back yard was very special

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