Monday, 17 February 2014

Brights and Blues

Well, my very summery bag sample is now complete! I think I mentioned that I don't usually go for such bright shades, but they are a great antidote to dull February days. 

As is to be expected, the first one of any new creation off the production line, so to speak, always has little things which will be ironed out the next time I make it, and indeed when I teach it. In the case of this bag, I will block the squares differently next time, and I am still unsure about the tassels. I might also use a press stud to fasten it if the bag begins to gape with use. I am even also in two minds about the yarn (despite much to-ing and fro-ing in settling on this cotton). Generally, though, it is a happy bag. It is a good useful size, and not too heavy. I adore the lining, and the strap works well. 

Now, to schedule a workshop...

Of course in these busy days the last thing I need is another project on the go. Or so you might think. But sometimes the lure of new yarn or new fabric is just too great! 

I have been collecting blue fabrics for such a long time now- either scraps from other projects, fabrics salvaged from worn out clothes, fat quarters from trade shows and the like, with a view to making a blue quilt. Indigo blue is absolutely my favourite colour, and I am continually drawn to it and fascinated by it. A quilt, though, is absolutely the last thing I need to start making just at the moment. However, I'm sure you can guess what has happened:

Oh dear: t looks like I really am an obsessive maker. I have come to the conclusions that there is nothing for it but go with the urge!

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