Friday, 16 May 2014

The Friday Blogger

I received some useful advice recently regarding blogging: a wise lady suggested to me that it is useful to pick a regular interval between blog entries... and stick to it! And so, seeing as how my blogging has always been completely erratic I have decided to try to become a Friday blogger. Wish me luck!

What news...?
I have designated May as my month of finishing as many unfinished jobs as I can, which means:

I have finished writing up and listing some patterns (for which I have been on some jolly photo shoots),

My crochet classes continue, with a batch of beautiful cushions coming together nicely,

I have started to teach my canvas bag course again, to a full class of wonderful ladies who are not only very capable but also very appreciative,

Despite my resolve not to start any new projects I have an exciting new idea I am working on,

I have learnt how to join yarns with a braided join (necessity being the mother of eduction),

I have decided to become a fully crazy-old-lady type of member on ravelry by changing my avatar to a cat picture,

...and I still have some very exciting news under wraps to share in the next week or so!

Off to take some snaps on one of my favourite little excursions

I have also discovered a new little corner of my house in which I can sit and be productive. This is good, except that I look out onto an under used and unloved patch of outside space. It is crying out for a mini makeover. Now, anything outsidey like gardening is not my strong point (I am saving that pleasure for my retirement ;-) ), so I will have to draft in a little help, but perhaps I will be able to post a picture when my view is prettier. I have only succeeded so far in reinstating a washing line to hang my crocheted washcloths on. They take so long to dry that I wanted to air them out but still have them in easy reach.

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