Friday, 30 May 2014

An Exciting Week for Crochet

Friday again, and so far the resolve to blog each week is holding fast. What an exciting work week this has turned out to be! 

My design for a crocheted clutch bag in Rowan Original Denim was shortlisted for the competition I entered. It is organised by Unwind Brighton, who are running an online poll to decide the winner. Clearly the lacy knits are in demand right now, and I am languishing at the back with a pair of pretty socks, but I don't mind one bit- I'm just delighted to have been shortlisted. And more than that, I am happy with my design. It was clearly worth making the new sample and getting the pattern ready- sometimes the pressure of a deadline is just what's needed!

The voting ends soon, but if you wish to show support for my offering, you can vote here  

Gosh, I haven't even mentioned the Really Big News yet: as of yesterday you can go and buy Knit Now magazine, and you will find my pattern in the crochet supplement! This is a big deal for me, and I am over the moon. 

It seems like such a long time ago that I pitched my idea, then received the good news that I had been selected. Then there was the day when a courier brought me the utterly gorgeous Malabrigo yarn (in my favourite colour, what a lucky coincidence!), and also the milestone day when I learnt to write (and read!) crochet charts, and now here it is, my creation on a newsstand near you (or you can buy it here). 

Kate, the editor, and her team have been nothing but helpful and supportive, and I so hope I get to work with them again. 
Photo: Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing

Inspiration came from an old Western film, which luckily for me fitted perfectly with the 'Frontier Spirit'  theme. The negative spaces are designed to look like the traditional Lone Star quilting motif.

It was this undertaking which really kickstarted my design brain, in a way that I haven't flexed it since coming up with my degree show at university (also Wild West themed- what a strange coincidence. In fact, I wrote my dissertation on Cowboy Style. Yes really). Having worked on a few quite structured projects recently, I am now developing something light and lacy, as well as an idea for an Afghan... not to mention half a dozen other ideas swimming round my wooly brain.

Here is a little snap of my outdoor sanctuary, as promised. 

And just one amusing thought to leave you with: this week I blew up my vacuum cleaner. It was quite dramatic! But thanks to my mum I now have a spiffy new one, and cleaner floors than I have ever had. It has a special pet attachment: it turns out that this is perfect for getting threads and yarn off carpet!

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