Friday, 23 May 2014

Seven Days On

Friday again, and my next blog entry as promised.

What a difference a week has made to my view out of the window! My little unloved patch has turned into a sanctuary, where I have passed many happy hours this week sitting out in the clement weather, and gazing out over in the occasional downpour.

Largely thanks to somebody lovely, I have tubs of lavender plants, a re-located Christmas tree, a re-potted bay tree, some new tubs with flowers... not to mention the weeding that has been done, the bins hidden from view, and the window cleaned. And this person wasn't even the one I was planning to ask for help- how lucky am I?

During the last week I also took advantage of the sunshine and hand washed all my hand knitted/crocheted winter warmers to pack away for the summer. That was very satisfying, to see them all laid out for me to survey. The memories of making things combined with the memories of wearing and seeing others wear your creations is really lovely.

I was glad of the sun: this hat took 2 full days to dry!

Also this week, I finished a crochet jumper, plus I finished and blocked my Margaret's Garden 

I also crocheted a shrug with a view to designing one of my own (designs designs designs- my creative brain seems to be going bananas at the moment... I am just going with it!)

I entered a design into a competition, which involved completely re-making my sample, writing the pattern in full, and taking some pretty photos. There was no entry fee or anything, so I had nothing to loose... fingers crossed for me!

I received some exciting news about teaching somewhere prestigious later in the year, and also final confirmation of something else I have been alluding to for a while, which by next Friday I will finally be able to tell you all about.

How did I find time to teach my regular crochet class, and my 'Getting Going Sewing' ladies in Petham? The seamstresses are doing particularly well, and there will be a beautiful crop of canvas bags by the end of June. Several of them are planning to use their creations as knitting bags, which I find quite thrilling. 

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