Thursday, 13 June 2013

Disappointments and Social Crafting

Strange things have happened this week, nothing world-rocking, but things that have left me feeling underwhelmed with my fellow human beings: a let down, a theft, a few more let downs, a bad cheque that someone wrote me... you get the idea I'm sure. 

Yet, I have been consoled as ever by my wonderful nearest and dearest, and my lovely cat. I have also really enjoyed the company of other women at the 'Knit & Natter' and the 'Stitch & Knit', where we have bonded over our crafts and vented our frustrations. Or maybe it was just me venting my frustrations! They are both such lovely groups of women which is a real blessing.  

When the sun showed up for five minutes this evening I wandered into the garden, braving the still Arctic winds, and had a look at these three faces. They're a diverse bunch from around the globe, and yet they seem at home in each other's company. Yet, they are all masculine, and in honour of the feminine creative spirit I think I need to find a mermaid or something to sit out there with them. 

I decided to run some craft classes from my garden over the summer, which was a really positive and exciting step.


  1. Just found your lovely new blog by meandering my way through the Canterbury Festival website. I live in Kent too....I like your ideas thoughts and photographs.I have inherited half of my mothers knitting needles and crochet hooks (my sister has the other half). It's a deep regret I didn't learn the arts from here. I would be interested in your craft/crochet workshops so do post them - especially if they are in your garden.

  2. Hi Sparkiedoll! Thanks for your comment. I would love to help you get cracking with your crafting! Would it be possible to have an email address where I can contact you regarding my upcoming plans? I do one-to-ones at my home (or garden, depending on the weather), but I am also now taking bookings for some autumn classes, if you would like to learn with a group? Best wishes x

  3. Hi again Sparkiedoll! Here is a link to some of my latest classes, just in case you're interested? Thanks