Monday, 21 October 2013

The Canterbury Trot

My poor neglected blog!

It's sometimes difficult to find a good level of intimacy with my lovely readers: if things are going well I don't wish to prattle on about them and seem smug, and if things are more difficult I don't wish to moan.

But here is a little adventure I can share with you: last Wednesday I went to the new Yarn Club Social Knit, Stitch & Crochet, in its gorgeous rural location.

I extracted my bike from the cobwebs and saddled up. The way was further than I remembered, but I did not mind, as it was so refreshing to be out in the countryside. I had wonderful encounters with ducks, herons, magpies, and cattle, and despite it being a grey day I arrived feeling uplifted.

I must remember to wear two pairs of socks next time, as it is the sort of building where the cold seeps through the floor, but I have found a great pattern for some aptly-named leg warmers on Ravelry and this seems like as good an excuse as any to make them.

J. told me a while ago that I looked like an apache when I was riding my bike, with my hair streaming behind me as I crossed a grassy field. This is just how I felt as I made my way back to the city. I am not a horsewoman, but I image that a good cycle feels a little like an invigorating canter. I didn't even mind when mud splashed up onto my face... although I did get a few strange looks!

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