Monday, 3 June 2013

Life Lines and Learning

Although my background is in mainly in sewing, I have become very excited by knitting and crochet in recent times. Today I took advantage of the quiet house and indulged in these passions. 

Part of the appeal of these newer skills is that I feel like I am learning all of the time that I do them, especially so with knitting. I have a little lacy project in alpaca on the go at the moment (amongst my many, many current projects), but I can only do it when I am feeling fresh and focussed as I make mistakes so easily. Happily a lovely friend recently introduced me to the concept of 'lifelines' in knitting, and I have begun to make use of them. What I once regarded as almost the dark art of making something stunning from two sticks and a ball of string still foxes me from time to time!

This is another of my ongoing projects. It started life as just some samples to accompany my teaching, but it seemed pointless just to make squares to no end, and so eventually it will be a throw. This is barely a quarter of the squares I need. The colours and patterns look unbalanced and disparate as yet, but I think it will come together. And if not it will just be a ramshackle throw, reflecting my journey, each stitch a little part of my life.

But, it was against this background today that I received some sad, and yet not unexpected news. Immediately a recently viewed clip of George Harrison (one of my heroes) remarking how "life carries on within you and without you" came to mind.

It seemed an appropriate day to be musing on lifelines and learning. 

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