Sunday, 24 January 2016

Personal Anniversary

I am the first of our little clan to have a birthday in Cornwall, our new-ish part of the world. And what an amazing few days I have been treated to! 

Amongst my many pleasures there was a few sneaky yoga poses on a deserted beach we had walked to. 

This was followed at home by lime cake with clotted cream, and a pot of lapsing souchong- what an indulgence! 

 The weekend also gave me paella, which I would happily bet is the best paella in the UK, cooked by my honorary Spaniard.

There were lovely presents (including an extremely thoughtful 'Running Songs' cd given to me by my nearest and dearest, a fantastic cable cardigan, and a new nightie with proper Victorian-style trimmings- just how I like them!), heartfelt birthday cards which drew the odd sentimental tear, there was coffee from a thermos in a cave watching birds, some great workouts, breakfast in bed... it's embarrassing how spoilt I am! 

But also impossible to describe how lucky I feel and how grateful I am to all the lovely people in my life, as well as to the circumstances that have given me so much in terms of health and good fortune. 

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