Sunday, 17 January 2016

Busy Bee

I wanted to share with you a recent sample that I am developing into a throw. Inspired by the Cornish sunset, this is going to be both a design in my ravelry store, and form the basis of a workshop in October. I just love how the star-shapes are formed where the hexagons meet, and the contrast of bright orange with grey... there's always something so exciting about a new design.

There will soon be a link to the workshop on the right, but if you simply cannot wait for details please do get in touch. 

I have decided that Sunday is my new blogging day. Our Sunday routine is to do the housework, visit the local boot fair, then sometimes I go to yoga, and whatever else we get up to is interjected with coffee breaks and quiet time... it seems like the perfect day for reflection. 

If you are enjoying these pictures of the amazing Cornish scenery then you might like to follow me on instagram for more: my username is StitchingPixie. Do say hello! 

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