Friday, 17 October 2014

Lots of Balls (of Yarn) in the Air

Since I last wrote, I feel like I have done a lot of work... but I am struggling to know how to sum it all up! I think it is difficult because I have spent a bit of time on lots of separate projects, but I have not necessarily drawn them to any conclusion (same ol' story!). 

Below is a little snapshot, to which I can add that I have a big stash of stripey mittens to sell at craft fairs... but I have yet to sew all the ends in. I have more zippy pouches cut out... but I have yet to put them together, and I have made quite a few more crochet shawls and neck warmers... but I have yet to sew the buttons and ends, and it is too dark really to get pictures now anyway. I have made table mats for outside in my happy place, and I have hemmed my set of mis-matched napkins... but I have not yet finished the crochet trims. Is a picture emerging here...? 

I have been thinking a lot about how to use-up some of my stash(es), because I have some lovely yarns and fabrics which I feel I really need to do something with, or part with. This calls for easily-achievable, simple projects. That is the thinking behind some of the makes below, but I will show you some more a little later, when there is more to show! 

Zippy pouches for my craft fair stock. Simple but lovely I think, and I am loving letting smaller pieces from my stash really shine. 

One project that did get finished: my favourite infinity scarf made from beautiful fabric from the Knitting & Stitching show. Perfect for our mild autumn weather!

Almost finished: a large stripey crochet shawl. I'm going to have to note the pattern down as I am really pleased with it- it's so simple!- but if I sell it I know I will forget what I did!

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