Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Someone's got a Squeezebox

What a very full few weeks this is turning out to be! 

My 'Make a Skirt to Fit You' Course finished on Saturday, so I wanted to share some pictures from then. The students did incredibly well, and I was so excited by what they managed to achieve:

Dressing the part: do you think she likes pink...?

A beautifully inserted zip: it is so worth making samples!

There is plenty of flare at the hem to balance the shape, and for summer flirtiness !

Nearly finished: once this has 5 colourful buttons she will really look the part

...and even inside this is a really pretty skirt!

I am planning to re-run the course in the autumn, as you can't beat a well cut warm skirt for the transition to colder weather. 

This is also a project which has been on the go for a while. It has had to hang there, looking lonely for a bit as other things have taken priority, but I'm looking forward to working more on it now: working with happy fabric is such a delight!

And now for something completely random: I snapped this in a street near my house: a gorgeous accordion slung on the front seat of someone's car. It's very brave of them to leave it so exposed, but I'm glad I got to see that someone so musical was in the area. In the same way that inanimate things which have been lovingly stitched have a sort of energy given by their maker, I saw and felt a bit of magic here as I wondered about all the songs, all the jam sessions, all the trials and errors, and perfect moments associated with this instrument.

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  1. I loved the course and am very proud of my skirt and am excited about future sewing projects. Thank so much for sharing your prodigious talent with us. X