Wednesday, 29 January 2014

When even the Gents is a Work of Art

I have spent a little time in London recently. Lucky me- I love the Thames and the buzz and the industry of everyone off to work. Crowded tubes...? Bring them on! 

Of course I'm sure I would feel that way if I lived there, but to dip in and out is a privilege. 

I made time to visit my favourite fabric shop, and looking at my purchases, anyone would be forgiven that I have a bit of a fetish for blue. 

I also visited this gents toilet. The gents which is now a café, that is. I visited for the novelty factor, but I had not realised how stunningly beautiful it was going to be, both inside and out. It was also very peaceful, and the soup was divine. 

Although it wasn't strictly a holiday, since returning home I have felt energised and refreshed. I have had a lot of work to catch up on, but I've enjoyed doing so and I feel more excited to create than I have done in a while. 

As lovely as London is, some things are better close to home: on Monday evening we went to watch Giselle live streamed from Covent Garden to our local cinema. You would be hard pushed to find a greater advocate of this invention than I am- it's amazing to just pop round the corner and find yourself in the best seat in the house. The editing is such that you feel like you are actually on stage watching the performers, and little extraneous details like the sound of ballet shoes on the sprung floor bring so much immediacy to the show. We cried, lots, at this beautiful love story. 

An added bonus was that Carlos Acosta was playing the lead male rôle. He truly is a stunning dancer. 

Having spent a little time in the Costume Department at the Royal Opera House, I always pay particular attention to what is worn on stage. And with my new creative impetus I am of a mind to make a Giselle blouse with some of my new fabric. In blue, of course. 

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