Monday, 27 May 2013

Hand Made Me

I am gradually trying to phase out elements of my wardrobe (the mass-produced, bargain basement, cheaply made elements), and switch to a capsule wardrobe of clothes which fulfil strict criteria: they have to be things I just love and cannot bear to part with, vintage clothes, or things I have made for myself.

This is part of my one-woman rebellion against the exploitation and tyranny of fast, cheap fashion. We have seen a swing towards 'slow food' over the last few years, why not 'slow fashion'? Sadly, the regular stream of unhappy news from the factories of the developing world just reinforces my beliefs that there is a price for clothing, and if we are not paying that price here in our stores, then it is likely that somebody else is paying in another way.

I will have to make exceptions I suppose: I don't sew jersey, so if I ever run out of T-shirts I may have problems. Having said that, I have a collection of rock T-shirts, both from gigs I have been to and vintage finds. Some musicians even make sure their merchandise is organic and ethical- kudos to them!- so I suppose I could buy those ones guilt free. I also don't make certain undergarments, but on the other hand I have a drawer full so it is unlikely I will run out of them soon. Swimwear and gym stuff could also pose problems,  as could tights...

Still, there are plenty of things which I can make: skirts, dresses & blouses for example. And it is these to which I am turning my attention now. Pictured are some of the gorgeous fabrics from my stash which I have begun to use. I love the summer, so light skirts are an absolute pleasure to make. Pictures coming soon I hope...

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