Friday, 24 May 2013

A Journey

Many apologies, lovely blog readers, for the gap between posts! I won't bore you with a complete resumé of what I have been up to, but I will tell you briefly that I have been busy designing and sewing things, as well as working on my knitting and crochet projects, devising and delivering my teaching, planning some events, and even managed to squeeze in a rarer few days away: I was pleased to be invited to attend a wedding at the other end of the country. I jumped at the chance to visit relatives there, and see that beautiful part of the world. I travelled by train which was also a rare treat. 

There is something about a desolate coastline... I plan to get myself a tiny cottage, in which to be crafty, on a windswept cliff when I am old and decrepit.

I came across this fabulous installation on my travels. Books are magical things by themselves, but to see so many sculpted into this beautiful curve, piled high in this tantalising way and dramatically lit was really stunning.

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