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Barrel Bag Sew Along Instruction: Week 4

Sew Along: Week 4

Welcome back! This week is an exciting one- your bag will really begin to take shape! 

how to make a barrel bag
barrel bag sew along

You will need to have your D rings handy.

Let's go!

Cut a 20cm piece of your webbing. Fold it in half down the length of it and topstitch the long edges neatly together (from the right sides). Now cut this into two, so that you have two pieces measuring 10cm each. 

Fold one piece in half, place the D ring into the fold and stay stitch the ends together, so that your D ring is secured into a loop of webbing. Repeat this step for the other D ring and piece of webbing. 

merchant & mills haberdashery
Merchant & Mills Hardware 

Bag Ends: 

Now, take both of your round bag ends, and mark the quarters around them that you notched into your pattern way back at the beginning. I don't like to mark these points too soon because when you are using chalk they often rub off anyway. 

Also on the body of your bag mark the point on the fabric which is directly opposite the zip seam, and also the points which are exactly half way between the top and bottom of the bag.

bag sew along instructions
notches are important

tutorial, instructions, how to
...marked with chalk

Now, attach your one-sided foot to the machine and locate your piping cord.

Lining up all of the raw edges, place your piping cord onto the round bag end and sew thus: you should have a 1cm seam allowance. It is important that the start and end of your cord should overlap as shown in the pictures so that there will be no gaps in the cord, so make sure you have a little spare at the beginning and end. When you come to the end of the circle, sew actually through the cord to secure it into this overlapped position. 

how to sew a piped seam
Piping attached to one bag end

piped seam tutorial
piping must overlap at the beginning and end

Re-mark your quarter points if necessary. 

Pin your loops with their D rings so that they will sit at the top of the bag. Be sure that the rings point towards the centre of the circle, so that they will be on the outside of the bag when it is turned through. 

Now, lining up all of your guide points carefully, pin the body of your bag onto the bag ends (RS together), and still with your one-sided foot sew around the circle in exactly the same way as before. Take a 1cm seam allowance- the aim is to sew in exactly the same place when you attached the piping.

Ensure that your zip is open (crucial but easy to overlook!), before repeating these steps for the opposite end of the bag. 

barrel bag with piping instructions
piping is a beautiful visual detail on the bag

Join me next week for the final instalment of instructions, with details of how to finish your bag to a beautiful standard. 

Once again, thank you for tagging me on twitter or instagram. Please keep doing this- it's great seeing how you are getting on, and don't forget you can always use the contact form if you need clarification. 

Thank you for taking part!

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