Sunday 24 April 2016

Q&A: Ethical Brand 'Lost in Samsara' + Product Review

About Lost in Samsara:

So much more than a fair-trade shop, Lost in Samsara is an enterprise based on the whole philosophy of supporting less fortunate communities by sourcing beautiful products. You can read about the origins of every product (whether it has been up-cycled or hand made from scratch), and see pictures of who actually made it, and find out what your purchase will mean to the community it originates from. 

You can even join in with the Wheel Project and exchange skills with others locally. 

Up-cycled Cement Bag Hold All
up-cycled cement bag hold all


I was lucky enough to chat to Marvi from Lost in Samsara about the big picture. The answers that I received to my little interview really blew me away and I am thrilled to share them here: 

Stitching Pixie: How long have you been running Lost in Samsara?
Marvi: Lost in Samsara started at the beginning of 2015. We decided it was time for us to start doing more of what we believe in and after a trip to Nepal and few more conversations Lost in Samsara was born.

Stitching Pixie: As a brand, what is your primary aim?
Marvi: Our primary aim is to encourage people to change the way we consume and to ask ourselves who is behind what we have and how we dress. We collaborate with different projects around the world that employ artisans who are paid a fair wage. Most of them are women who face economical and social problems. We’d like our brand to be a bridge that reconnects products and people, encourages slow-production and promotes trade over charity. 
Stitching Pixie: Who is your typical shopper?
Marvi: We try to design and/or bring to the market things that are new and that can satisfy both male and female shoppers. So far, we have had people of all ages and gender, which is something we really love. 

Stitching Pixie: What's the best part of your job?
Marvi: The best part of our job is our job and we can finally say that we are happy about what we do and waking up in the morning is something we enjoy now. We also really love engaging and talking to people at the markets we do. 

ethical hold all
strong, roomy & comfortable 

Stitching Pixie: What is your favourite thing that you sell?
Marvi: We sell many different things and there is not really a favourite. We like each and every item for different reasons. Some are up-cycled, some hand-woven, some hand-knitted. Each craft reflects the country where is from and we love that. 

Stitching Pixie: Who is your heroine?
Marvi: We don’t have a heroine in particular. Our heroine is each and every woman who struggles everyday for a better life for herself and her family.

Stitching Pixie: How would you like to be remembered?
Marvi: Probably more than being remembered we hope we can have a positive impact on all the people we meet during our life. We like to think that we are all connected and that we can all have a part in telling a better story.  

adjustable shoulder strap

Product Review: 

I was given a fantastic up cycled hold-all to review. I just love the design, featuring Elephant Brand cement bags, complete with all of the original instructions and warnings. 

True to its name, the Elephant brand bag is sizeable and strong! Reinforced with a tough textile lining (complete with interior pocket), I feel like it could take me on any trip stuffed with any amount of gear. All of the hardware (the zip, the buckles etc), are lovely quality, and the bag benefits from having both an adjustable shoulder strap and a pair of webbing handles (both very tough and comfortable as you might expect). 

I tested this gorgeous bag as my gym bag for a week, and it worked perfectly: comfortable to carry and very roomy, I could throw all of stuff in there in a hurry, and better still there was plenty of space to rummage through it to find everything again! 

My only complaint? It has inspired a little bit of wanderlust in me: I cannot wait to take it on a real trip with me!

You can view this product and buy it here. I feel that for its modest price tag, this is an extremely good value bag.  

ethical hold all
shorter handles even fitted over my shoulder

Made in Cambodia, with the added benefit of empowering women and paying a fair wage, there is everything to feel good about with this bag. Perfect for however much 'wandering through' you end up doing. 

Next time I need a gift, something for my home, or another gorgeous bag, I will head to Lost in Samsara. Top of my list though would be these adorable silver stud earrings, also elephants and carefully sourced in Mexico, or if I really wanted to invest in a statement tote bag, it would have to be this Ikat weekender

However, the thing that would bring me back to Lost in Samsara above all is that dealing with them has been such a pleasure from start to finish. I have to recommend them as a totally feel-good brand! Thank you Alessia & Marvi! 

up cycled bag
...for all of your wanderings

Product kindly supplied by Lost in Samsara

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